Extralarge (original title: Detective Extralarge, aka Zwei Supertypen in Miami) is a television series starring Bud Spencer, Philip Michael Thomas, and Michael Winslow.

StarringBud Spencer
Philip Michael Thomas
Michael Winslow
Lou Bedford
Country of originItaly
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes12
Original networkRai 2 (Season 1)
Canale 5 (season 2)
Original releaseNovember 12, 1991 (1991-11-12) –
May 2, 1993 (1993-05-02)

Production Edit

The series was first announced in October 1990. The first season was co-produced by RAI and First Group International, a production company founded by Spencer's son Giuseppe Pedersoli. The second season was co-produced by Mediaset. Over the years, reruns have appeared on Channel 4, La7 and satellite channels RaiSat Premium and Sky Movies.

Plot Edit

Jack Costello (Bud Spencer) is a retired cop and now private detective who lives in Miami, who handles a myriad of cases for unusual clients. At his side are old police buddy Sam Bosley (Lou Bedford) and cartoonist-turned-amateur sleuth Jean Philippe Dumas (Philip Michael Thomas), who is using Costello as an influence and has nicknamed the burly detective "Extralarge." In the second series, Costello faces other dangerous cases, again with Bosley and Archibald (Michael Winslow), the son of an old friend, who Costello amusingly nicknames "Dumas."

Episodes Edit

Season 1

  • Extralarge: Black and White (1991)
  • Extralarge: Miami Killer (1991)
  • Extralarge: Moving Target (1992)
  • Extralarge: Yo-Yo (1992)
  • Extralarge: Cannonball (1992)
  • Extralarge: Black Magic (1992)

Season 2

  • Extralarge: Lord of the Sun (1993)
  • Extralarge: Gonzales' Revenge (1993)
  • Extralarge: Diamonds (1993)
  • Extralarge: Ninja Shadow (1993)
  • Extralarge: Condor Mission (1993)
  • Extralarge: Indians (1993)

Cast Edit

Name Actor Note
Jack 'ExtraLarge' Costello Bud Spencer ExtraLarge I and II
John Philip Dumas (Dumas) Philip Michael Thomas ExtraLarge I
Archibald Baxter (Dumas II) Michael Winslow ExtraLarge II
Inspector Sam Lou Bedford ExtraLarge I and II
Maria Martinez Vivian Ruiz ExtraLarge I and II

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