Expedition of Bashir ibn Saʽd al-Anṣari (Fadak)

The first expedition of Bashir ibn Saʽd al-Anṣari (بشير بن سعد الأنصاري),[4] which was to Fadak, took place in Shaban, 7AH i.e. December 628 AD, 3rd Month 7AH, of the Islamic Calendar.[4][5]

Expedition of Bashir ibn Saʽd al-Ansari
DateDecember 628 AD, Shaban 7AH
  • Captured a lot of camels and cattle as booty
  • 29 Muslims killed, Bashir injured[1][2][3]
Commanders and leaders
Bashir ibn Saʽd al-Ansari Unknown
30 Entire tribe (unknown population)
Casualties and losses
29 killed[1][2] (Bashir wounded[3]) Many Killed (unknown number)[1][2]

30 men with Bashir bin Saʽd Al-Ansari as the commander, headed to Fadak to confront the Banu Murrah in Sha'aban. Bashir and his men killed a large number of the enemy and seized a lot of their camels and cattle, Bashir drove off the camels and flocks. On his way back, the enemy gathered up forces and overtook the Muslims at night. They showered Basheer and his men with arrows, and killed all the Muslims except Bashir.[1][2] Bashir managed to escape back to Muhammad.[3]

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