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"Exile" is the fifty-eighth episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise, the sixth episode of season three. It first aired on October 15, 2003 on the UPN network in the United States. The episode was written by Phyllis Strong and directed by former Star Trek: Voyager actress Roxann Dawson.

Star Trek: Enterprise episode
Episode no.Season 3
Episode 6
Directed byRoxann Dawson
Written byPhyllis Strong
Production code306
Original air dateOctober 15, 2003 (2003-10-15)
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Set in the 22nd century, the series follows the adventures of the first Starfleet starship Enterprise, registration NX-01. In this episode, Ensign Hoshi Sato (Linda Park) is contacted telepathically by an alien named Tarquin (Maury Sterling), who offers assistance with the Xindi. Whilst she visits Tarquin at his home, the rest of the crew investigate another mysterious sphere within the expanse.

The episode was seen as a take on "Beauty and the Beast", with Sterling required to wear a full head prosthetic when Tarquin was in his non-human form. Several sets were created in a gothic style to represent Tarquin's home, while the anomalies created by the Delphic Expanse sphere were added in post production. The episode was the lowest rated so far of season three, having aired at the same time as Major League Baseball playoffs. It received a rating of 2.3, which was 0.3 lower than a re-run of "The Xindi" a week later at the same time as the World Series. The critical response was positive, although critics pointed out influences in this episode such as Disney Castles, The Lord of the Rings and The Three Stooges.


Sub-Commander T'Pol, examining gravitational anomaly patterns, calculates the location of a second sphere within the Delphic Expanse (similar to the one previously seen in "Anomaly"), and Enterprise diverts course to investigate. Meanwhile, Ensign Sato reports to sickbay, explaining to Doctor Phlox that she has been hearing voices and feels like she is being watched. She is later contacted telepathically by Tarquin, an alien that appears in human form. He explains that he can telepathically read objects, and suggests that Enterprise bring him part of the weapon used to attack Earth (in "The Expanse").

Enterprise soon arrives at Tarquin's planet. He welcomes Archer and Hoshi and soon agrees to work on reading the weapon fragment, but only if Sato agrees to remain with him. They agree, and Enterprise departs to investigate the second sphere. Tarquin and Sato discuss many subjects and initially the alien seems trustworthy. However she also discovers that he had been watching her telepathically for some time and that she is not the first person to be brought here to provide companionship for him.

Meanwhile, Enterprise approaches the sphere, but has to halt its approach due to damage from the spatial anomalies generated by it. The ship sends down a shuttlepod coated with Trellium-D (retrieved in "Impulse"), and is able to approach close enough to take readings. Archer and Trip return to Enterprise and set course to retrieve Sato. Meanwhile, Tarquin attempts to trick her into staying with him permanently, but she refuses and threatens to destroy a device which enhances his telepathic abilities. He reluctantly agrees to let her go, and later provides Enterprise with the co-ordinates for the Xindi colony that is building a part of the weapon. The episode ends as T'Pol calculates that there are approximately 50 spheres in the expanse region.


Both Linda Park and executive producer Rick Berman saw "Exile" as a play on the "Beauty and the Beast" story.[1] Filming began on August 20, 2003, overlapping with the final day of shooting for the previous episode, "Impulse".[2] Shooting ran through to August 29, the final working day before the Labor Day weekend. As Linda Park was the only member of the main cast to be required for scenes on the final day of shooting, the remaining cast began work on the following episode, "The Shipment".[3] A number of sets were created for use in this episode, all of which were created to show Tarquin's home. Although this was only referred to in the script as an "alien sanctuary", the set designers created an aged gothic-inspired alien castle across five sets. Set decorater Jim Mees added to this design by filling the areas with further gothic artifacts and exotic flowers.[2]

The subplot required several effects to be added in post production to show the effects on the Enterprise due to the proximity of the sphere that the ship investigates. These were overseen by special effects supervisor Dan Curry. In order to portray Tarquin, Maury Sterling was required to wear a full head prosthetic while the character was in his true form. However, the majority of the time spent filming was while Tarquin was telepathically communicating with Hoshi, where Sterling appeared as himself. Both the writer and director had close ties to Star Trek: Voyager. Roxann Dawson portrayed Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres in that series, but her involvement in the Star Trek franchise has since led to her directing episodes of Enterprise, "Exile" being her sixth credit so far. Dawson had announced that she was due to direct this episode earlier in the year whilst appearing at the Las Vegas Creation convention on August 2. "Exile" writer and series co-producer Phyllis Strong had previously written episodes of Voyager.[2]

Reception and home media releaseEdit

"Exile" was first aired in the United States on the UPN network on October 15, 2003. It received a 2.3/4 percentage share among all adults, including 4 percent of all adults watching television at the time of the broadcast. This was the lowest ratings the show had received so far during season three and blame was placed against the episode going up against coverage of the Major League Baseball play-off games.[4][5] The episode which followed "Exile" during the following week was a repeat of the season premiere, "The Xindi". It was aired in order to avoid putting new episodes up against a game of the 2003 Baseball World Series on the Fox Network. However, that re-run received a 2.6 rating, which was higher than "Exile" from a week earlier.[6]

Michelle Erica Green reviewed "Exile" for TrekNation, and found that it reminded her of the Voyager episode "Alter Ego" where a lonely alien contacts Tuvok whilst pretending to be a character on the holodeck. She also thought that Tarquin in particular was reminiscent of Flint from The Original Series episode "Requiem for Methuselah" due to the long life span of the character. She said that Tarquin's castle reminded her of a Disney Castle while other elements such as his communications device, were similar to something out of The Lord of the Rings.[1] Jamahl Epsicokhan at his website "Jammer's Reviews", said that "Exile" was a well rounded episode but thought that it did not "venture as far as it could've and perhaps should've".[7] He described the scene where Trip has problems with the shuttlecraft as a "irrelevant but nevertheless great scene that's kind of brilliant in a Three Stooges kind of way".[7] He gave the episode a score of three out of four.[7]

The first home media release of "Exile" was as part of the season three DVD box set, released in the United States on September 27, 2005.[8] The Blu-ray release of the third season of Enterprise took place on January 7, 2014.[9]


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