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Tutti dentro, internationally released as Everybody in Jail, is a 1984 Italian comedy film written, starred and directed by Alberto Sordi.[1] The main character, a hyperactive, vain and logorroic judge, is referred as one of the most famous fictional judges in the Italian collective imagination.[2]

Everybody in Jail
Tutti dentro.jpg
Directed byAlberto Sordi
Produced byAugusto Caminito
Written byAlberto Sordi
Rodolfo Sonego
Augusto Caminito
StarringAlberto Sordi, Joe Pesci
Music byPiero Piccioni
CinematographySergio D'Offizi
Edited byTatiana Casini
Running time
110 min



The judge Annibale Salvemini is an incorruptible magistrate of Rome which, although close to retirement, does not intend to show any sign of weakness. He continues his severe work and continues feeding without pity all the poor people that comes within range, including of course the criminals. All his colleagues admire him, including his girlfriend with whom he is to marry. But also an honest judge and moralist like Annibale has secrets. In fact he, in addition to his life full of lies and worldliness, has entered into an agreement with an American mafia boss: Corrado Parisi. In fact, Annibale was forced against his will to accept the assignment to not send to jail the whole company of the boss, who is preparing a shady traffic. Annibale eventually tries to rebel, but can not make it in time for the television journalists discover it. Comments are added to the scandal of the best friends of Annibale and his esteemed colleagues of the court immediately condemn him as the worst of all parasites. The life of Annibale is destroyed in one fell swoop.



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