Everhood, or Everhood: An Ineffable Tale of the Inexpressible Divine Moments of Truth, is a 2021 video game developed by Chris Nordgren and Jordi Roca. The game's plot involves a red doll-person trying to recover their stolen arm from Gold Pig, an immortal inhabitant of the land of Everhood.[2] Along the way, the player allies with a small creature by the name of Blue Thief, and encounters a variety of characters who either attempt to aid or deter the player on their quest to retrieve Red's arm. It was released on Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2021.

Everhood logo
Developer(s)Chris Nordgren
Jordi Roca[1]
Publisher(s)Foreign Gnomes
Programmer(s)Jordi Roca
Artist(s)Chris Nordgren
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Nintendo Switch
ReleaseMarch 4, 2021
Genre(s)Adventure, role-playing, rhythm


"Everhood" features retro-styled graphics and a rhythm-based battle system.

Everhood was described by Screen Rant as an adventure RPG that focused on having its battle system based on a rhythm game as opposed to a standard strategy or turn-based combat system.[3] Similar to Guitar Hero, the battlefield consists of five lanes that the player can move between freely. Each enemy in the game has their own battle theme, and will time their attacks to the song's beat. However, unlike standard rhythm games, the player is meant to dodge the enemy's attacks rather than hitting them.[4] At the beginning of the game, attacks can only be avoided by jumping over them or dodging to the side, but after acquiring Red's stolen arm, the player can absorb attacks and fire them back at the enemy. Initially, the player must survive for the entire length of the song to progress, but later-game battles loop until the enemy's health is drained by deflecting their attacks.[3]


At the beginning of the game, a disembodied voice directly addresses the player, asking them to "abandon their humanity and accept immortality" in order to enter the land of Everhood. After accepting, the player is given control over Red, a mute wooden doll who awakens after their arm is stolen by Blue Thief. Red's other limbs are strewn about the ground, but quickly reattach themselves, allowing Red to begin following the thief's trail out of the forest to a Nighclub. Guards and patrons bar Red's way to a backroom where the hostile Gold Pig keeps Red's missing arm.

Gold Pig throws Red into an incinerator, an almost-unwinnable battle which does not end the game. After succumbing, Red is transported to the post-mortem world, where he must survive a strange battle with mysterious figures and gnomes on a psychedelic playfield. Following this the voice once again speaks directly to the player and offers them an "Absolute Truth" before returning Red to the now-broken incinerator.

Red exits the incinerator, and discovers that Gold Pig has stolen Blue Thief's legs and abandoned him. They set out together to find Gold Pig, retrieve their stolen limbs, and understand the nature of Everhood.

It is gradually revealed that Everhood is the tattered remains of an ancient realm of Immortals. Its remaining inhabitants mostly don't enjoy existence, but some are trapped by their fear of oblivion. The player must choose what is the right thing to do - use Red's arm to kill the inhabitants, even the unwilling ones, or abandon their quest.


Zoey Handley of Destructoid praised the music in the game, but noted that the story threw in too many plot twists and critiqued spelling errors and long load times within the game.[2] Nintendo World Report's Jordan Rudek praised the game's rhythm-based combat and humor and called it "an instant classic", while also noting the grammar and spelling errors within the game and long loading times.[7]


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