Evdokiya Ivanova Maneva-Babulkova (Bulgarian: Евдокия Иванова Манева-Бабулкова) (born 20 March 1945) is a Bulgarian politician who served as Minister of Environment in the Kostov government between 1997 and 2001.[1]

Evdokiya Maneva
Personal details
Born (1945-03-20) 20 March 1945 (age 79)
Sofia, Bulgaria

Life edit

Maneva was born in Sofia and completed studies in chemical engineering in the Soviet Union. She obtained a doctorate in economics in Moscow in 1983.[2]

Between February and May 1997, Maneva served as vice-Prime Minister in the caretaker government of Stefan Sofiyanski before becoming a member of the Kostov cabinet. In 2001 she was temporarily the leader of the Sofia branch of the UDF.

In March 2013, she became the vice-Minister of the Environment in the interim Raykov government.[3]

Maneva was also among the candidates considered for the Bliznashki government that was appointed by Rosen Plevneliev in the aftermath of Plamen Oresharski's resignation as Prime Minister.[4]

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