The Bliznashki Government was the ninety-third cabinet of Bulgaria which took office on 6 August 2014, following the resignation of the previous government.[1] This cabinet was a caretaker government of technocrats designated to serve only until a new government could be elected with a popular mandate. The government, led by Prime Minister Georgi Bliznashki, was set up by President Rosen Plevneliev. A new government was formed after the early parliamentary elections on 5 October 2014.[2]

Bliznashki Government

93rd Cabinet of Bulgaria
Date formed6 August 2014
Date dissolved7 November 2014
People and organisations
Head of stateRosen Plevneliev
Head of governmentGeorgi Bliznashki
Status in legislatureProvisional Government
PredecessorOresharski Government
SuccessorSecond Borisov Government

Cabinet edit

Ministry Minister Party
Prime Minister Georgi Bliznashki Independent
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Design Ekaterina Zakharieva Independent
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor and Social Policy Yordan Hristoskov Independent
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Hristo Ivanov Independent
Deputy Prime Minister and Management of EU Funds Iliyana Tsanova Independent
Minister of Interior Yordan Bakalov Independent
Minister of Foreign Affairs Daniel Mitov Independent
Minister of Finance Rumen Porozhanov Independent
Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism Asen Vasilev Independent
Minister of Economy and Energy Rumen Porozhanov Independent
Minister of Education and Science Rumyana Kolarova Independent
Minister of Defence Velizar Shalamanov Independent
Minister of Agriculture and Food Vasil Grudev Independent
Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Nikolina Angelkova Independent
Minister of Environment and Water Svetlana Zhekova Independent
Minister of Health Miroslav Nenkov Independent
Minister of Culture Martin Ivanov Independent
Minister of Youth and Sports Evgenia Radanova Independent

Medarova appointment and pull out edit

On 8 August 2014 the president Rosen Plevneliev appointed the judge Krasimira Medarova, a former chief of the Central Election Committee, as the minister responsible for conducting the upcoming parliamentary elections. Two days later, on 10 August 2014, Medarova stepped down due to criticism for her former job as a chief of the Central Election Committee.[3] Bliznashki gave up trying to appoint a separate elections minister, and instead announced that he will personally oversee the organisation of the elections.[4]

Miscellaneous edit

According to some media sources, this is the first post-1989 cabinet without any known former agents affiliated with the Committee for State Security.[5][6]

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