Europipe I

Europipe I is a 670-kilometre (420 mi) long natural gas pipeline from the North Sea to Continental Europe.

Europipe I gas pipeline
CountryNorway, Germany
General directionnorth–south
FromDraupner E riser platform, North Sea
Passes throughNorth Sea
ToEmden, Germany
General information
Typenatural gas
Technical service providerStatoil
Technical information
Length660 km (410 mi)
Maximum discharge18 billion cubic meters per year
Diameter40 in (1,016 mm)


The feasibility study of the pipeline's project was conducted in 1990.[1] On 20 April 1993, an agreement between Norway and Germany was concluded on the construction of Europipe.[2] The pipeline was commissioned on 1 October 1995 and it cost 21.3 billion NOK.


The pipeline runs from the Draupner E riser platform in the North Sea to a receiving terminal at Dornum in Germany. At Draupner E, it is connected with Zeepipe and Statpipe/Norpipe system. From Dornum a 48-kilometre (30 mi) long land line runs to the metering station in Emden.

Technical descriptionEdit

The diameter of pipeline is 40 inches (1,000 mm) and the capacity is 18 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.[3]

The pipeline is owned by Gassled partners and operated by Gassco. The technical service provider is Statoil.

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