European Federation for Transport and Environment

The European Federation for Transport and Environment, commonly referred to as Transport & Environment (T&E), is a European umbrella for non-governmental organisations working in the field of transport and the environment, promoting sustainable transport in Europe; which means an approach to transport that is environmentally responsible, economically sound and socially just.

Transport & Environment
Legal statusFederation
HeadquartersBrussels, Belgium
Executive Director
William Todts
Jeppe Juul
João Vieira
Inga Ringailaite


Since it was founded 30 years ago, T&E has shaped some of Europe's most important environmental laws. It played a key role in getting the EU to set the world's most ambitious CO2 standards for cars and trucks and also helped uncover the dieselgate scandal; it campaigned successfully to end palm oil diesel; secured a global ban on dirty shipping fuels and the creation of the world's biggest carbon market for aviation, to name a few. In 2020 T&E's campaigning led Uber to commit to electrifying much of its European operations.

T&E's research findings are regularly cited in major publications across the world including the Financial Times, the Guardian, Politico, Le Monde, France Info, Spiegel, Die Zeit, El País, Corriere della Sera, Gazeta Wyborcza, New York Times and many more.


Transport & Environment's (T&E) vision is a zero-emission mobility system that is affordable and has minimal impacts on our health, climate and environment. It is a non-profit organisation and politically independent that combines the power of robust, science-based evidence and a deep understanding of transport with memorable communications and impactful advocacy.


T&E is renowned for its thorough and targeted publications. Some of the highlights include:

Lifecycle analysisEdit

This tool compiles all the most up-to-date data on CO2 emissions linked to the use of an electric, diesel or petrol car, to show how much CO2 electric cars can really save compared to diesel and petrol cars.

BloombergNEF studyEdit

A BloombergNEF study, commissioned by Transport & Environment (T&E), found that electric cars and vans will be cheaper to make than fossil-fuel vehicles in every light vehicle segment across Europe from 2027 at the latest. The research found that battery electric vehicles could reach 100% of new sales across the EU by 2035, if lawmakers introduce measures like tighter vehicle CO2 targets and strong support for charging infrastructure. T&E called on the EU to tighten emissions targets in the 2020s and set 2035 as the end date for selling new polluting vehicles.


T&E has published a number of reports exposing the true cost of the EU's disastrous biofuels policy which is responsible for widespread deforestation and habitat loss.

Private JetsEdit

T&E's report exposed the outsized role played by the super rich hopping on private jets for short distances.

Cruise ship reportEdit

T&E's research Archived 2021-07-13 at the Wayback Machine into cruise ship operators found that Carnival Corporation, the world's largest luxury cruise operator, emitted nearly 10 times more sulphur oxide (SO
) around European coasts thanall 260 million European cars in 2017, while Royal Caribbean Cruises, the world's second largest, was second, four times worse than the European car fleet. The report also exposed SO
emissions which increase human health risks and contribute to acidification in terrestrial and aquatic environments.

EV market reportEdit

T&E's yearly EV market report report sheds light on the effect car CO2 targets have on the production of zero-emission vehicles.

Main campaign areasEdit


T&E is currently supported by 73 organisations (63 members and 10 supporters) in 24 countries.[15]


Transport & Environment receives funding from: European Climate Foundation, The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, Climate Imperative Foundation, the European Commission, ClimateWorks Foundation, Schwab Charitable Fund, Oak Foundation and a number of other high-profile institutions and organisations.

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