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Not to be confused with Eucosmia, Eucommia, or Euosmia.
Eucosma compoliliana FvL.jpg
Eucosma campoliliana
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Tortricidae
Subfamily: Olethreutinae
Genus: Eucosma
Hübner, 1823

many, see text

  • Affa Walker, 1863
  • Ascelodes Fletcher, 1929
  • Calosetia Stainton, 1859
  • Catoptria Guenee, 1845
  • Exentera Grote, 1877
  • Exenterella Grote, 1883
  • Palpocrinia Kennel, 1919
  • Pygolopha Lederer, 1859

Eucosma is a very large genus of moths belonging to the family Tortricidae. The genus has a Holarctic and Indomalayan distribution (Some Afrotropical species originally described in this genus have since been reassigned to other genera [1]). Even in well-studied Europe and North America, new species are still regularly discovered (Nomina Insecta Nearctica lists 150 Nearctic species and Fauna Europaea lists 53 European species).

These are small moths in a wide variety of colours, sometimes plain, sometimes with bold patterning.



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