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Esan Prefectural Natural Park

Esan Prefectural Natural Park (恵山道立自然公園, Esan dōritsu shizen kōen) is a Prefectural Natural Park in southwest Hokkaidō, Japan. Established in 1961, the park is within the municipality of Hakodate on the Oshima Peninsula. The park comprises four main areas, namely coast, forest, and Mounts E and Yokotsu (横津岳).[1]

Esan Prefectural Natural Park
Yokotsudake from Hokuto-Chuo IC.JPG
Mount Yokotsu
LocationHokkaidō, Japan
Nearest cityHakodate
Coordinates41°48′N 141°09′E / 41.800°N 141.150°E / 41.800; 141.150Coordinates: 41°48′N 141°09′E / 41.800°N 141.150°E / 41.800; 141.150
Area41.16 square kilometres (15.89 sq mi)


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