Erzin, Turkey

Erzin, also known as Yeşilkent, is a city in the province of Hatay, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The mayor is Ökkeş Elmasoğlu (CHP).

Erzin is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 36°57′12″N 36°12′12″E / 36.95333°N 36.20333°E / 36.95333; 36.20333Coordinates: 36°57′12″N 36°12′12″E / 36.95333°N 36.20333°E / 36.95333; 36.20333
Country Turkey
 • MayorÖkkeş Elmasoğlu (CHP)
 • KaymakamOsman Demir
 • District358.08 km2 (138.26 sq mi)
178 m (584 ft)
 • Urban
 • District
 • District density110/km2 (290/sq mi)
Post code


Erzin is on the west-facing flanks of the Nur Mountains and runs down to the Gulf of İskenderun on the Mediterranean coast. The climate is warm and wet in winter, hot and extremely humid in summer, when most people retreat further up into the pine-covered hills, or to the beach.

Erzin is an attractive district well known for its high-quality citrus fruits, the major economic activity of the district. Grains and vegetables are also grown, especially since irrigation works were built in the 1960s. Today 65,000 m2 are planted with grains and another 65,000 m2 with all kind of citrus fruits including Navel orange, grapefruit and tangerines. Other income is generated by holidaymakers on the coast. The main road and the railway line between the cities of Osmaniye and Iskenderun run through here, and Iskenderun with its large steel plant has an effect on the economy of the whole region.

Erzin itself is a quiet market town of 30.340 people providing government services to the district.


The area was settled by Anatolian beyliks, and was brought into the Ottoman Empire after the defeat of the Beyliks at the battle of Otlukbeli in 1473.

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