Ernst of Schaumburg

Ernst of Schaumburg (September 24, 1569 – January 17, 1622) was the first Count of Schauenburg and Holstein-Pinneberg to earn the title of Prince in 1619. However, he died in 1622 without an heir. Schauenburg-Pinneberg had been a Lutheran region since his father Otto IV of Schaumburg had been won over to Martin Luther's teachings. After Ernst's death, a Catholic Count, Jobst Hermann, received a portion of Schauenburg but he also died without children, and Otto V, who was a Calvinist, succeeded Ernst.

Ernst of Schaumburg.

Prince Ernst built the Stadthagen Mausoleum for himself and his family. Today, this building is estimated as a cultural monument of European rank.

On 11 September 1597 he married Hedwig of Hesse-Kassel at Wilhelmsburg Castle in Schmalkalden. The marriage remained childless.

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Ernest of Schaumburg
Born: 24 September 1569 in Bückeburg Died: 17 January 1622 ibidem
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Count of Holstein-Pinneberg
Succeeded by
Count of Schaumburg
County elevated to principality
Schaumburg newly elevated to principality Prince of Schaumburg
Succeeded by