Erna Beilhardt

Erna Beilhardt (born 7 February 1907, date of death unknown) was a Polish-born German female guard at several concentration camps during the The Holocaust. A member of the SS-Aufseherin, Beilhardt was also a nurse affiliated for the German Red Cross during the last year of World War II.[1]

Erna Beilhardt
Born(1907-02-07)7 February 1907

Early lifeEdit

Beilhardt was born in Neuteich (Nowy Staw) near Danzig on 7 February 1907.


Beilhardt came to the Stutthof concentration camp during the fall of 1944, where she was trained as an auxiliary guard (Hilfsaufseherin). Beilhardt remained at the central camp from 18 September 1944 until 11 October 1944 where she attended an overseer program for six weeks and was then moved to the satellite camp at Heiligenbeil.

On 20 January 1945, Beilhardt accompanied the evacuation of prisoners to Königsberg, where she performed nursing duties on injured German soldiers under the German Red Cross.

Eventually, in 1945, she was again present at the main camp at Stutthof. Captured by Soviet troops after the war, Beilhardt was accused during the first Stutthof trials (25 April – 31 May 1946) of maltreatment of concentration camp prisoners. She was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.[2]

Her final fate remains unknown though some sources indicate she died in 1946.


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