Eric Hass (March 4, 1905 – October 2, 1980) was a four-time Socialist Labor candidate for President of the United States.

Eric Hass
Born(1905-03-04)March 4, 1905
DiedOctober 2, 1980(1980-10-02) (aged 75)
Political partySocialist Labor



Hass was of German and Danish ancestry, and was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1905.[1] He died of a heart attack in Community Hospital, Santa Rosa, California, on October 2, 1980.[1]

State elections


In 1942, he ran for New York State Attorney General.

In 1944, he ran for U.S. Senator from New York.

In 1950, 1958 and 1962, he ran for Governor of New York.

Presidential elections


In 1952, his running mate was Stephen Emery; in 1956 and 1960, Georgia Cozzini; and in 1964, Henning A. Blomen. He came in third place in 1964.

Hass was also a prolific author on topics dealing with socialism and one of the SLP's more influential members.


  • John L. Lewis Exposed (1937)
  • The Socialist industrial unionism the workers' power (1941)
  • Labor Draft: Step To Industrial Slavery (1943)
  • The Americanism of Socialism (1944)
  • Stalinist Imperialism: the social and economic forces behind Russian expansion (1946)
  • The Socialist Labor Party and the Internationals (1949)
  • Dave Beck, labor merchant. The case history of a labor leader (1955)
  • Militarism Labor's Foe! (1955)
  • What workers should know about automation ...and what employers don't tell them (1957)
  • The Reactionary Right: Incipient Fascism (1966)

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