Eotetrapodiformes is a clade of tetrapodomorphs including the four-limbed vertebrates ("tetrapods" in the traditional sense) and their closest finned relatives, two groups of stem tetrapods called tristichopterids and elpistostegalids. The clade was named in 2010 by Michael I. Coates and Matt Friedman, and is defined as "the node-based clade arising from the most recent common ancestor of Eusthenopteron and Ichthyostega plus all of its descendants".[2] It thus excludes the basalmost tetrapodomorphs, such as the rhizodonts and megalichthyiforms.[2]

Temporal range: Middle Devonian–Recent
Skull of the tristichopterid Platycephalichthys in CosmoCaixa Barcelona
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Clade: Tetrapodomorpha
Clade: Eotetrapodiformes
Coates & Friedman, 2010

Cladogram from Swartz, 2012:[3]

Megalichthyiformes Gogonasus BW.jpg


Tristichopteridae Eusthenopteron BW.jpg


Platycephalichthys Platycephalichthys bischoffi.jpg


Panderichthys Panderichthys BW.jpg

Tiktaalik Tiktaalik BW.jpg


Elginerpeton Elginerpeton BW.jpg

Ventastega Ventastega life restoration white background.jpg

Acanthostega Acanthostega BW.jpg

Ichthyostega Ichthyostega BW.jpg

Whatcheeriidae Pederpes22small.jpg

Colosteidae Greererpeton BW.jpg

Crassigyrinus Crassigyrinus BW.jpg

Baphetidae Loxomma1DB.jpg

Tetrapoda (Crown group) Seymouria BW.jpg


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