Enrique Gato Borregán (born 26 April 1977 in Valladolid, Castile and León) is a Spanish filmmaker and 3D/2D animation designer known as the creator of Tadeo Jones. With this character (including two CGI animated shorts and one animated feature) he won three Goya Awards.[1][2]

Enrique Gato
Enrique Gato Borregán

(1977-04-26) April 26, 1977 (age 42)


Gato was born in Valladolid and he grew up in Madrid. Since his childhood he was attracted by animation and technology. When the first personal computers arrived, he began to make his own videogames with an Amstrad CPC 6128.[3][4]

In 1995 he started his informatic engineering studies at the university,[5] where he learned to develop game engines for preview his own works and understand how to make the 3D geometric previews of several software like Maya, 3D Studio Max or Softimage.[4]

While he was in university, he was hired by Artek, a company specialized in computer graphics. Once in there, he learned to work with programs such as TrueSpace and LightWave 3D, at the same moment Pixar were releasing the first works of CGI animation.[4]


Year Title Work Details
2017 Tad Jones: The Secret of King Midas[6] Co-director Lightbox, Paramount Pictures
2015 Capture the Flag[6] Director Lightbox, Paramount Pictures
2012 La mano de Nefertiti Executive producer El Toro, Lightbox, Ikiru
2012 Tad, The Lost Explorer Director El Toro, Lightbox, Ikiru

Goya at Best New Director[1]

2007 Tadeo Jones y el sótano maldito Director La Fiesta PC
2006 Commandos 3 Animator Videogame
Pyro Studios
2005 Praetorians Animator Videogame
Pyro Studios
2004 Tadeo Jones Director La Fiesta PC
2002 Superlópez Director Personal project
2001 Bicho Director Personal project
1999 Pepe pescador Animatic Short film to Daniel Martínez Lara
1997 Starship Trappers Director Personal project
1994 Toy Jístory Director Personal project


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