Enrique Diosdado

Enrique Diosdado (May 6, 1910 – December 1, 1983) was a Spanish actor. He is sometimes credited as Enrique Alvarez Diosdado. Diosdado was a leading man of Argentine and Spanish films of the 1940s and 1950s. His daughter, Ana Diosdado, was a leading Spanish writer and playwright.[1][2] His son, also named Enrique Álvarez-Diosdado, worked as a director and writer for several tv documentary series and films.

Enrique Diosdado
Enrique Alvarez Diosdado - Delia Garcés - La dama duende (1944).jpg
Diosdado with Delia Garcés in The Phantom Lady (1945)
Born6 May 1910
Madrid, Castile
Died1 December 1983
Madrid, Castile
Other namesEnrique Álvarez Diosdado
Years active1938 - 1978 (film)

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