Engin Ardıç

Engin Ardıç (born 1 February 1952) is a Turkish writer and a newspaper columnist for the Sabah newspaper. He also worked as a television commentator in the 1990s.


Ardıç was born on 1 February 1952 in Trabzon, a coastal city on the northern Black Sea shores of Anatolia. After movıng to Istanbul at a very early age due to his parents' jobs, he spent his childhood mostly in Beşiktaş. In 1959, he was admitted to the elementary section of Galatasaray High School.

Following his graduation from Galatasaray High School, Ardıç entered Boğaziçi University and graduated from there with a degree in political sciences. Due his interest in theater, his first writings in the early 1970s were mostly theater reviews for the magazine "Tiyatro" (Theater). He also wrote literary critiques in Yeni Dergi (New Magazine), Politika (Politics) and the Cumhuriyet (The Republic) newspaper. He is currently a columnist in the Sabah newspaper.

His writing style often contains street slang. He has at times been accused of being a misogynist[1] and of promoting hate speech,[2] charges which he has vehemently denied. His sexist views, such as his inflammatory comments about the children of widows of dead soldiers, have been condemned strongly over the years.[3]


  • "Doğru Söyleyeni Dokuz Köyden..." (1988)
  • "Kadın Suretleri" (1989)
  • "İslâm Teksas'ta" (1989)
  • "Şengül Hamamı" (1989)
  • "Mustafa Kemal Sizin Gibi Kıro Değildi!" (1990)
  • "Daktilo Konçertoları" (1990)
  • "Turkobarok" (1991)
  • "Teğel Teğel Hüzün" (1991)
  • "Burjuvazi Şeyediyor Haa..." (1999)


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