Endubis (c. 270 – c. 300) was a King of the Kingdom of Aksum in East Africa (modern day Ethiopia and Eritrea). He was among the earliest rulers in the Horn region to mint coins. This Aksumite currency was issued in gold and silver denominations.

Aksumite king
Coins of king Endybis, 227–235 CE. The left one reads in Greek "ΑΞΩΜΙΤΩ ΒΑϹΙΛΕΥϹ", "Emperor of Axum". The right one reads in Greek: ΕΝΔΥΒΙϹ ΒΑϹΙΛΕΥϹ, "Emperor Endybis". British Museum.

On the coins of Endubis so far recovered, either of two mottos were engraved. On some coins he described himself as "ΑΞΩΜΙΤΩ ΒΑϹΙΛΕΥϹ", "emperor of Axum". On others appeared the motto "ΒΙϹΙ ΔΑΧΥ", "bisi Dakhu"; this is the first appearance of the title "bisi", which S. C. Munro-Hay believes is related to the Ge'ez word "be'esya", "man of".[1]


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