Emmett Reid Dunn

Emmett Reid Dunn (November 21, 1894 in Alexandria, Virginia – February 13, 1956) was an American herpetologist noted for his work in Panama and for studies of salamanders in the Eastern United States.


He attended Haverford College as an undergraduate and received his PhD from Harvard University. After receiving his PhD, he taught at Smith College. He left Smith to study on a Guggenheim Fellowship, following which he became a professor of biology at Haverford College. He was also curator of reptiles and amphibians at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. He served as editor of Copeia from 1924 to 1929.[1]


A number of reptiles were named in honor of Dunn, both species (binomials)[2] and subspecies (trinomials), including the following.



This author abbreviation is not to be confused with Dunn in botany, where it refers to Stephen Troyte Dunn.

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