Emil Wolff

Emil Wolff (1802–1879) was a 19th-century German sculptor and occasional artist in oil paints.

Emil Wolff, self-portrait 1828
Thomas Fowell Buxten by Emil Wolff 1839, Albertinum, Dresden

He is well-represented in galleries across Europe.


He was born in Berlin on 2 March 1802. From 1815 he studied at the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin. He won a scholarship to study in Rome in 1822 under Bertel Thorwaldsen.[1]

In 1854 King Friedrich Wilhelm IV purchased "Najade" for erection at Sanssouci. This was removed in 1985 due to erosion but replaced with a replica in 2017.[2]

In 1865 he exhibited at the Dublin International Exhibition.[3]

He died in Rome on 29 September 1879.


His maternal uncle was the sculptor Johann Gottfried Schadow.


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