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Ellen Wright Clayton is an American Rosalind E. Franklin Professor of genetics[1] and chairwoman of the Institute of Medicine Board at the Population Health and Public Health Practice who became a 2013 recipient of the David Rall Medal.[2]

Early lifeEdit

Wright Clayton was born in Houston, Texas where she attended school. She graduated from Duke with a degree in zoology and then obtained master's degree in biochemistry from Stanford University.[3] Some years later she got her degree in law from Yale, and medical degree from Harvard respectively.[4]


From 1988 she served as Vanderbilt University faculty member and since that time has published two books and over 150 peer-reviewed articles relating to law, medicine and public health. She serves on the advisory board panel of both the National Institutes of Health and Human Genome Organisation.[4] In 2006, she was elected to IOM and three years later became its council member. In 2012, she began her three-year term as its BPH chairwoman.[2] Since November 6, 2013, she has served as Nashville Business Journal editor.[5] Currently she teaches in both medical and law schools and is a director of Vanderbilt's Center for Genetics and Health Policy.[3]

Awards and honoursEdit

Clayton is a fellow of both AAAS and American Pediatric Society.[4]

Personal lifeEdit

On Sundays she sang in a choir.[3]

Selected publicationsEdit

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