Elkem is a company that produces silicones, silicon, alloys for the foundry industry, carbon and microsilica, and a global provider of advanced material solutions, with more than 6,800 employees and 29 production sites worldwide.

Founded2 January 1904 Edit this on Wikidata
Norway Edit this on Wikidata
Revenue22,668,000,000 Norwegian krone (2019) Edit this on Wikidata
1,189,000,000 Norwegian krone (2019) Edit this on Wikidata
Number of employees
6,370 (2019) Edit this on Wikidata

In 2020, Elkem achieved an operating income of NOK 24.7 billion. Elkem is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: ELK).


Elkem was founded in 1904 by the industrial entrepreneur Sam Eyde (1866 – 1940). He named the company Det Norske Aktieselskap for Elektrokemisk Industri (Elektrokemisk), and the goal was to create an international industry company based on Norwegian natural resources. In 1917 a ferroalloy plant was acquired and Elkem started production of the Söderberg electrode.[1]

Throughout the 1960s and beyond Elkem expanded, primarily in Norway within aluminium, mining and finished products. In 1972 the company merged with Christiania Spigerverk and continued with an international expansion within ferroalloys and steel. In 1981-84 Elkem acquired Union Carbides plants in Norway and North America and in 1986 the plants at Thamshavn and Bjølvefossen. In the 2000s Elkem had acquired Icelandic Alloy, Remi Claeys Aluminium and Sapa.[2]

Between 2002 and 2005 there was an acquisition war between the US aluminium corporation Alcoa and Orkla. At the peak Alcoa owned 40% of Elkem, but Orkla succeeded at purchasing the majority of the shares and in 2005 Orkla acquired all the shares of Elkem and Elkem became part of Orkla Group.

In January 2011 Orkla ASA signed a binding agreement with China National Bluestar Group to sell Elkem, including Elkem Silicon Materials, Elkem Foundry Products, Elkem Carbon and Elkem Solar for a sales price of $2 billion.[3] The deal excluded 85 percent of the hydroelectric power company Elkem Energi AS, which remained with Orkla.[3]

Elkem became publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in March 2018. Michael Koenig has been the Chief Executive Officer since December 2019.[4]

In June 2017 Elkem assumed management responsibility of Xinghou Silicones, a silicones producer, and Yongdeng Silicon Materials, a silicon producer.[5]


Elkem Silicones


The Elkem Silicones division has thirteen plants: Xinghuo Silicones (China), Roussillon (France), Saint-Fons (France), Caronno (Italy), Lubeck (Germany), Santa Perpetua (Spain), Joinville (Brazil), York (USA), Janghang (South Korea), Chakan (India), Guangdong and Shanghai (China).[citation needed]

Silicon ProductsEdit

Elkem Silicon Products has silicon plants at Bremanger, Salten, Bjølvefossen and Thamshavn in Norway,[6] Chicoutimi (Quebec, Canada), Grundartangi (Iceland), Limpio (Paraguay), Nagpur (India) and at Elkem Foundry China (EFC) and Yongdeng. The division also has a special focus on raw materials sourcing and are operating two quartz mines in Norway, Tana and Mårnes, and four quartz mines in Spain, Explotacion de Rocas Industriales y Minerals SA (Erimsa).[citation needed]

Carbon SolutionsEdit

Elkem Carbon Solutions is the world’s largest producer of electrically calcined anthracite and electrode paste, which are necessary in the manufacturing process for steel, aluminium, silicon, ferrosilicon[7] and other metals. There are production plants at Kristiansand (Norway), Shizuishan City (China), Ferroveld (South Africa), Sarawak (Malaysia) and Vitória (Brazil).

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