Elisabeth of the Palatinate, Landgravine of Hesse

Elizabeth of the Palatinate (16 November 1483, Heidelberg – 24 June 1522, Baden-Baden) was a member of the House of Wittelsbach and a Countess Palatine of Simmern and by marriage, successively Landgravine of Hesse-Marburg and Margravine of Baden.

Elizabeth of the Palatinate
Born16 November 1483
Died24 June 1522(1522-06-24) (aged 38)
SpouseWilliam III, Landgrave of Hesse
Philip I, Margrave of Baden
Issue6, including Marie Jakobäa
HouseHouse of Wittelsbach
FatherPhilip, Elector Palatine
MotherMargaret of Bavaria


Elizabeth was a daughter of the elector Philip (1448–1508) from his marriage to Margaret of Bavaria (1456–1501), daughter of Duke Louis IX. of Bavaria-Landshut.

She first married on 12 February 1496 in Heidelberg with Landgrave William III of Hesse-Marburg (1471–1500). The nuptials took place in 1498 in Frankfurt am Main. The marriage tied William III closer to the Palatinate house while his cousins in Kassel were considered to be partisans of the Emperor. In the event he would die without an heir, William had promised Elizabeth almost the entire county of Katzenelnbogen as wittum. However, when William III died, his whole territory, including Katzenelnbogen, was inherited by his cousin William II of Hesse-Kassel. The Palatinate party then proposed that Elisabeth should marry William II. William declined, and married a princess close to the House of Habsburg. William II also participated in the imperial ban against Elisabeth's father and brother, because of the dispute over Elisabeth's wittum.[1]

Three years after the death of her first husband Elisabeth married on 3 January 1503 in Heidelberg with Margrave Philip I of Baden-Sponheim (1479–1533). In a contract concluded in 1508 with respect to Elizabeth's dowry, it was stipulated that the part of Sponheim that Baden had ceded to the Palatinate in 1463, was to be returned to Baden.[2]

Elizabeth died on 14 Juni 1522 and was buried in the Collegiate Church in Baden-Baden.[3]


From her second marriage to Margrave Philip of Baden Elisabeth had the following children:

married in 1522 Duke William IV of Bavaria (1493–1550)
  • Philipp (1508–1509)
  • Philipp Jakob (* / † 1511)
  • Eva Marie (* / † 1513)
  • Johann Adam (* / † 1516)
  • Max Kaspar (* / † 1519)


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