Electoral division of Spillett

Spillett is a division of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly in Australia. It was created in 2016, for the 2016 general elections, and covers the northern portions of Darwin and Palmerston, including Darwin Airport. It is named for Peter Spillett, a historian and former member of Darwin City Council.

Northern TerritoryLegislative Assembly
NT Electorates 2016 - Spillett.png
Location of Spillett in the Darwin/Palmerston area
TerritoryNorthern Territory
MPLia Finocchiaro
NamesakePeter Spillett
Electors5,203 (2016)
Area76 km2 (29.3 sq mi)

Historically, Palmerston has been a stronghold for the conservative Country Liberal Party. However, Spillett is based on a particularly conservative portion of Palmerston. It was created with a notional CLP majority of 17.9 percent, making it on paper the CLP's safest metropolitan seat.

Before the election Lia Finocchiaro, the then-CLP member for Drysdale, opted to transfer to Spillett after much of her old base was redistributed there. She defeated former Treasurer Dave Tollner for preselection; Tollner had contested Spillett after his old seat of Fong Lim saw most of its more conservative sections transferred to Spillett, resulting in Fong Lim becoming extremely marginal.[1] Finocchiaro weathered the massive Labor wave that swept through the Territory at the 2016 election—a wave that saw Labor win her old seat of Drysdale on a large swing. In the end, Finocchiaro proved to be in the least danger of the CLP's elected members. She was the only CLP member to win a majority of the primary vote, and went on to win with only a small two-party swing against her. This left Spillett as the only CLP seat in the metropolitan area, and the only safe CLP seat in the legislature. After the election, Finocchiaro was named deputy leader of what remained of the CLP, and hence Deputy Leader of the Opposition.

Members for SpillettEdit

Member Party Term
  Lia Finocchiaro Country Liberal 2016–present

Election resultsEdit

2016 Northern Territory general election: Spillett[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Country Liberal Lia Finocchiaro 2,277 56.1 −5.6
Labor Phil Tilbrook 1,247 30.7 +4.0
1 Territory Jeff Norton 237 5.8 +5.8
Independent Richard Smith 175 4.3 +4.3
Independent Sonia McKay 95 2.3 +2.3
CEC Trudy Campbell 29 0.7 +0.7
Total formal votes 4,060 98.2 +1.4
Informal votes 76 1.8 −1.4
Turnout 4,136 78.3 +7.2
Two-party-preferred result
Country Liberal Lia Finocchiaro 2,438 63.1 −4.9
Labor Phil Tilbrook 1,428 36.9 +4.9
Country Liberal hold Swing −4.9


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