Electoral district of Northam

Northam was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Western Australia from 1890 to 1974.

Western AustraliaLegislative Assembly
StateWestern Australia
Dates current1890–1974

The district was based on the town of Northam lying to the east of Perth. It was one of the original 30 seats contested at the 1890 election. The district was abolished at the 1974 election. Its last member, Ken McIver of the Labor Party, went on to become the member for Avon.

Northam was represented by just five members over the course of its 84-year history. Remarkably, three of those members served as Premier of Western Australia: George Throssell (Premier 1901), James Mitchell (Premier 1919–1924 & 1930–1933) and Albert Hawke (Premier 1953–1959).


Member Party Term
  George Throssell Ministerial 1890–1904
  Alfred Watts Labor 1904–1905
  James Mitchell Ministerial 1905–1911
  Liberal (WA) 1911–1917
  Nationalist 1917–1933
  Albert Hawke Labor 1933–1968
  Ken McIver Labor 1968–1974