Elections in Martinique

Martinique is a Single territorial collectivity of France. Martinique elects one deputy to the national assembly from each of four constituencies. It elects on regional/départemental level a legislature, called the Assembly of Martinique, by proportional representation from each of the national assembly constituencies.

The Assembly of Martinique replaced, in 2015, two councils with diverging powers. These were the Regional Council (Conseil régional) with 41 members, elected for a four-year term by proportional representation and the General Council (Conseil général) with members elected for a six-year term in single seat-constituencies.

Martinique has a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.

Last electionsEdit

The first elections for the Assembly of Martinique were held on 13 December 2015. Gran Sanblé pou ba peyi an chans, a coalition of the Martinican Independence Movement and right-wing parties, led by Alfred Marie-Jeanne defeated Ensemble pour une Martinique Nouvelle [fr], a coalition of left-wing parties, led by Serge Letchimy, winning 33 out of 51 seats.[1][2][3]

Past electionsEdit

2004 Regional ElectionsEdit

Candidate Party Votes (Round One) % (Round One) Votes (Round Two) % (Round Two)
  Alfred Marie-Jeanne MIM 46,006 37.28% 74,860 53.76%
  Madeleine de Grandmaison PPM 21,232 17.20% 43,170 31.00%
  Pierre Samont BPM-FSM-MPF 19,994 16.20% - -
  Miguel Laventure UDF (FMP) 17,177 13.92% 21,227 15.24%
  Pierre Petit UMP 8,367 6.78% - -
  Jean Crusol Miscellaneous left-wing 5,864 4.75% - -
  Ghislaine Joachim-Arnaud Combat Ouvrier-LO 3,866 3.13% - -
  Max Auguste Dufrénot Divers 900 0.73% - -
Total 123,406 100.00% 139,257 100.00%


Party seats
Martinican Independence Movement 28
Martinican Progressive Party 9

1998 Regional ElectionsEdit

Party seats
Martinican Independence Movement 13
Rally for the Republic 7
Martinican Progressive Party 7
Build the Martinique Country 4
Martinican Socialist Federation 3
Miscellaneous Right 1

1992 Regional ElectionsEdit

Party seats
Rally for the Republic-Union for French Democracy 16
Martinican Progressive Party 9
Miscellaneous 9
Martinique Communist Party 4
Martinican Socialist Federation 3

1986 Regional ElectionsEdit

Party seats
Martinican Socialist Federation 21
Rally for the Republic 11
Union for French Democracy 9

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