Elbasan railway station

Elbasan railway station serves the city of Elbasan, Albania.

Hekurudha Shqiptare
Elbasan train station.JPG
The station in 2014
General information
Coordinates41°06′18″N 20°04′29″E / 41.1050°N 20.0747°E / 41.1050; 20.0747Coordinates: 41°06′18″N 20°04′29″E / 41.1050°N 20.0747°E / 41.1050; 20.0747
Opened21 December 1950
Elbasan is located in Albania
Location within Albania

The station was opened in 1950. At opening, it was the terminus of an extension from Peqin. It remained the terminus until March 1974, when an extension to Përrenjas was completed.[1]

The line beyond Elbasan, which runs through extremely sparsely populated regions of the country, was closed in 2012 and Elbasan again became a terminus. Plans have existed since the late 2000s to build a new line to Elbasan from the capital Tirana to allow more direct movement between the two cities and replace the circuitous route which currently exists.


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