Peqin railway station

Peqin railway station serves the town of Peqin in Elbasan County, Albania.

Hekurudha Shqiptare
Peqin train station.JPG
The station in 2014
General information
Coordinates41°02′52″N 19°44′57″E / 41.0477°N 19.7491°E / 41.0477; 19.7491Coordinates: 41°02′52″N 19°44′57″E / 41.0477°N 19.7491°E / 41.0477; 19.7491
Opened7 November 1947
Peqin is located in Albania
Location within Albania

Peqin was the terminus of Albania's first passenger railway line. The 27-mile route was completed with assistance from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, but completion was delayed after the final shipment of 1,700 tons of rails did not arrive promptly from Zenica. After Nako Spiru made repeated requests to the Belgrade administration, the shipment arrived at Durrës on 12 October 1947, but was not unloaded for three days.[1]

Peqin remained the terminus of the line until 23 February 1949 when the line was extended to Tirana.[2]


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