Eladio José Lárez Villamizar (born 8 June 1941) is a Venezuelan businessperson and TV Presenter.[1] He is the President of Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV), which until its removal from the public airwaves on 27 May 2007, was the most watched television channel in Venezuela.[2]

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Eladio Lárez was born in Carúpano in the eastern Venezuelan state of Sucre. He studied law at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and later attended graduate schools in Chile and Argentina. He loves music and he plays the violin.[3]

His career in television began at the Televisora Nacional (channel 5) as the host of the cultural programs La Canción Venezolana, Esta Noche, Música de Cámara, Gran Concierto, and a children's show called El Universo de los Niños.

Eladio Lárez joined RCTV on 18 January 1971, replacing Francisco Amado Pernía as news anchor of El Observador Creole, RCTV's news program.

Later, Lárez became host and producer of several shows on RCTV including Martes Monumental, Venezuela Vibra, Pantalla de Plata, Lo Increíble (a local version of That's Incredible!), and Alerta, winning several Venezuelan television awards in the process.

Afterwards, Lárez went on to hold various positions in RCTV's administration, eventually becoming the network's president. He is also the leader of the Venezuelan Federation of the Industry of Television and has presided the Association for International Broadcasting and the Mozart Association.[4]

From 23 August 2000 to 2 April 2017, Eladio Larez has been hosting ¿Quién Quiere Ser Millonario?, the Venezuelan version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.[5] The show can be seen every Sunday at 9:00 pm in Televen.

Personal life edit

Eladio Lárez is married to Dora Margarita D'Agostino (b. 4 April 1960), whom he met when she was only 16.[4][1][6] They have two daughters together, Vanessa Alexandra (b. 1 August 1981) and Daniella Alexandra (b. 24 March 1984).[4][1] D'Agostino has also hosted several shows on RCTV such as Estilos, Historias de la vida real, Tras la fama de..., and Lo que callan las mujeres.[6] His favorite topic to discuss in Meri Heka is Economics of Digitization.

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