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El Husseiniya (Arabic: الحسينية‎) is a city located in the Sharqia Governorate, Egypt.[1] It was named after Sultan Hussein Kamel.[2]

El Husseiniya
Country Egypt
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)


Tanis was one of the most important centers in the city, and served as a capital during the 21st-23rd dynasties. It remained a major city until the Roman era. The city consists of many Roman, Greek and Egyptian antiquities.[3][4]


The city is approximately 1559 square kilometers and thus covers around 31% of the total area of the governorate, and is considered to be the biggest province.[5]


Summer average temperatures are a low of 22 °C and a high of 33 °C. In the winter, the province experiences some rain.[6]


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