Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 (transl. Made for each other 2) is an Indian Hindi-language romantic television series airing on SonyLIV.[2] The earlier episodes were also aired on Sony Entertainment Television.[3] It is a spiritual successor of the series Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.[4]

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2.jpg
GenreRomantic Drama
Written byDilip Jha
Manu Sharma
Akash Virmani
Aditya Singh
Directed byJai Basant Singh, Ranjeet Gupta
Creative directorUday Berry
StarringMohit Kumar
Kanika Kapur
Opening themeEk Duje Ke Vaaste
ComposersAdil Prashant
Sneha Shankar[1]
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes131
ProducersDilip Jha
Archita Jha
Production locationBhopal
EditorRocchak Ahuja
Running time21–22 min.
Production companiesBindu Moving Images
Studio Next Studios
DistributorSony Pictures Networks
Original networkSony Entertainment Television
Picture format576i
1080i (HDTV)
Original release10 February 2020 (2020-02-10) –
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Shravan Malhotra, a spoilt and undisciplined civilian teenager, sent to an army school to learn discipline where he meets Suman Tiwari, a fully disciplined and ambitious girl from army family who is the daughter of Devraj's friend. Initially, both despise each other due to their different backgrounds.

Shravan dislikes the discrimination between army and civilian students and the conflicts this often leads to. Suman and Shravan are constantly at odds with each other as they try to prove the other's view wrong. However, despite their constant clashes, Shravan falls in love with Suman. He tries to confess his love to her but hesitates.

Shravan's father has an argument with Suman's father, Vijay, and the two families grow to dislike each other. Several incidents take place, increasing this tension. Meanwhile, Suman learns about Shravan's feelings for her. She mistakes this to be just a teenage crush and decides to ask him to be her best friend instead. Shravan is saddened by this but doesn't let on.

Later, Suman and Shravan practice dance for their school activity. Shravan tries to get intimate but feeling awkward, Suman leaves, and Shravan falls for her even more. Shravan finally confesses his love to Suman. Hearing the confession, she decides not to remain in contact with him, unaware that deep down, she has feelings for him as well.(nagin like villen )

Separately, Anish challenges Shravan by placing Suman's honour at stake. In order to defend her, Shravan takes up the challenge. While the two are competing, Shravan falls from a high wall but Suman risks her own life and saves him. When questioned by Shravan about why she took such a huge risk just to save him, Suman is unable to answer and thus she realises how deeply she has fallen for him. The next day, she confesses her feelings for him. The next day they both go on a date where Suman was kidnapped and later saved by Shravan.

A huge misunderstanding breaks out between both their families due to which Shravan ends up pathetically begging Suman's grandfather to not take the matter further. Suman watches this scenario helplessly and later breaks down as she hates seeing Shravan beg. After getting to know about Suman's break down, Shravan climbs to her balcony to console her where they have a moonlight dinner and then Suman falls asleep on Shravan's shoulder. As the new love birds can't meet each other openly due to their family clash, they find themselves a secret corner and name it as 'Suvan' corner (Shravan + Suman). They meet at Suvan corner regularly to talk, study together, teach each other new things and give presents to each other. Later they permanently tattoo each other's name - Shravan on his chest (Suman) and Suman on her back (SuVan).

After months of secret love, they are finally discovered almost kissing by their families. Enraged, both families decide to send their children away so that they do not meet each other. Shravan and Suman decide to elope so that they can buy time hoping their family will understand their true love for each other and accept their relationship.

Elsewhere, Vijay(Suman's father) gets killed while fighting terrorists. Suman regrets that she had been cold towards her father in their last meeting. Devraj(Shravan's father) is arrested on charges of making a low-quality bulletproof vest and goods for the army and is blamed for Vijay's death. Suman feels guilty that she sided with Shravan against her father. She slaps and humiliates Shravan and calls his father a traitor. Shravan is left heartbroken and they break up.

7 years laterEdit

Hatred has made both Shravan and Suman strangers to each other for the last 7 years. Shravan is now a Captain in the Indian army. He is considered a daredevil by his platoon. Unknown to him, Suman is now a captain doctor in AMC. The once perfectly disciplined, obedient, and cheerful Suman has now evolved into a strict yet rebellious and unruly army doctor who does not bow down to anyone. Both now live in broken families- Suman's mother is no more and in her absence, Suman's once loving aunt now has property related issues with Suman. On the other hand, Shravan is struggling to manage his father's legal complications as well as his uncle who is now a depressed divorcee. Also, Shravan's cousin (Avni) now lives with her mother and avoids Rajendra.

Separately, both of them prepare for the final verdict of the case which was filed against Shravan's father by Suman's family long back. After the leap, both Suman and Shravan first meet because of Suman's brother Veer who is saved by Shravan. Suman is utterly astonished to see that Shravan too has joined army. Also, Shravan gets injured while saving Veer. Much to her chagrin, Suman is assigned to treat his injury during which both constantly pour scorn on each other out of hatred.

At the same time, Kanchan returns from her hostel after an event management course and Suman's lawyer Vikram befriends Shravan who unknowingly helps him impress Suman. Shravan also gets to know that Vikram and Suman are in a relationship. The case verdict is out and Shravan wins the case. Suman is dejected because she feels that she couldn't give justice to Vijay. At Veer's birthday party, both Suman & Shravan confess their heart out and how much they missed each other during their difficult times. The confession turns into an argument as she still feels that the earlier punishment given to Devraj is not enough. The next day, Suman files the case again in high court. Vikram notices the tiff between the two and thus Suman reveals their past relationship to Vikram but she mentioned it as a high school attraction. This irks Shravan and he vows to irritate Suman.

Meanwhile, Shravan sells his house but is unable to find any alternative accommodation as he needs to stay for a few days more due to his recovering injury. Beena is not able to sell the Tiwari house due to opposition from Suman. So, she proposes the idea of Shravan living as a PG in Tiwari house, much to the dismay of Suman & Kanchan. Enters Sophie Mathews, a wedding planner by profession who is now residing in the erstwhile Malhotra house to plan the wedding of her friend and the new owner's daughter, Rupali. Shravan and Sophie click instantly which makes Suman slightly uncomfortable. Turns out, Sophie is the ex-girlfriend of Vikram. Vikram is afraid that Suman might consider him as a loser because Sophie had ditched him earlier and thus he does not turn up for the invited dinner which hurts Suman. This makes Shravan sad and thus he helps Vikram realizing his mistake. Suman gets to know about this which increases her respect for Shravan. They start to have a good care and bonding only to realize that they have been hurt by each other in the past and should not let their inner feelings take over. They decide to show each other that they have 'moved on' by getting closer to their respective partners.

During the wedding, Avni visits Bhopal and is shown to be a smart and matured girl. She hates the Tiwaris and is irked to know that Shravan is staying as a PG in Tiwari house. It takes no time for her to understand that Shravan & Suman both have feelings for each other but are in a state of misunderstanding and denial. Meanwhile, Vikram assumes that Suman is ready to take their relationship forward and thus wants to get engaged with her.

Cast and charactersEdit


  • Mohit Kumar as Captain Shravan Malhotra: Devraj and Kavita's son, was a happy-go-lucky, affluent, undisciplined, and spoilt teenager from a civilian background. Later, he became Suman's love interest. However, after Vijay's death, both end their relationship. After the leap, he is a Captain in the Indian Army. (2020–present)
  • Kanika Kapur as Captain Doctor Suman Tiwari: Anjali and Vijay's daughter, was a disciplined, ambitious girl who views the world from the army's perspective as she is brought up in a family of army officers. Later, she became Shravan's love interest. However, after her father's death, she slaps him and ends their relationship. After the leap, she is Captain Doctor in the Indian Army. (2020–present)


Malhotra familyEdit

  • Akshay Anand as Devraj Malhotra, Shravan's father, and Kavita's husband, is the CEO of a defense industry. He was Vijay's best friend but after a misunderstanding with Vijay, both families started to dislike each other. He faced humiliation from Mohan Tiwari. Tiwaris consider him responsible for Vijay's death as his company made bulletproof vests for army. He later is shown to be proven innocent and wins the case (2020–present)
  • Mamta Varma as Kavita Malhotra is Shravan's mother and Devraj's wife. Like Anjali Tiwari, she is also a caring lady and a perfect example of an Indian wife. She loves her family and especially her son Shravan and always supports Shravan. (2020–present)
  • Takshi Negi as Avni Malhotra, Shravan's cousin sister. She starts avoiding Rajendra after her parents' divorce. (2020–present)
  • Rahul Parenja as Rajendra Malhotra, Devraj's brother, who was always at odds with Brigadier Mohan Tiwari. Now he is a depressed divorcee. (2020)
    • Ahtesham Azad Khan replaced Parenja post COVID-19 lockdown (2020–present).[5]
  • Bhavya Mishra as Ragini Malhotra: Rajendra's ex-wife. She has now divorced Rajendra and has left with their daughter Avni. (2020–present)
  • Unknown as Jhumri: Malhotras' housemaid. (2020–present)

Tiwari familyEdit

  • Anurag Arora as Martyr Colonel Vijay Tiwari: Suman's father and Anjali's husband, was a strict army officer who had received many bravery awards for his dedication towards his work. He was Devraj Malhotra's best friend but after having a misunderstanding with Devraj, both the families started to dislike each other. He died while fighting terrorists and Devraj was blamed for the former as his company produced low-quality bulletproof jackets and goods for Army. After the leap, he is shown to be in flashbacks and pictures (2020).[6]
  • Reema Vohra as Late Anjali Vijay Tiwari: Suman's mother and Vijay's wife. She was a very kind-hearted as well as a calm and composed lady who was a perfect example of an ideal Indian wife. After the leap, she dies.
    • Shubha Saxena replaced Vohra post COVID-19 lockdown. (2020).[7]
  • Ahmed Khan as Late Brigadier Mohan Tiwari, Vijay and Ramesh's father, is a retired army officer.[8] He is the patriarch of the Tiwari family. He is very strict by nature and looked down on civilians. He hated Malhotras and created a misunderstanding between Devraj and Vijay. After the leap, he dies (2020)
  • Khushi Mishra as Kanchan Tiwari, daughter of Ramesh Tiwari and Beena Tiwari and Suman's cousin sister. Initially, she had a crush on Shravan, but later supports Suman and Shravan's love enthusiastically and helps Suman realise Shravan's feelings. She is a very loving and supportive sister to Suman. After the leap, she is shown to have returned from the college hostel after her event management course and it is revealed that she was sent to a hostel because she helped Suman and Shravan to elope. (2020–present)
  • Shiv Chopra as Ramesh Tiwari: Vijay's brother and Kanchan and Veer's father. His father, Mohan Tiwari wanted him to become an army officer like Vijay but he failed to do so, which he sometimes regrets. He takes care of Suman after his brother’s death and now he has to provide for his family and take care of expenses (2020–present)
  • Seema Saxena as Beena Tiwari: Ramesh's wife, Kanchan's and Veer's mother, and Suman’s aunt. She was a loving and caring aunt to Suman but after the latter’s parents' death, she gradually started having property related issues with Suman. She apologized to Shravan and his family because of Devraj winning the case (2020–present)
  • Ghanshyam Tiwari as Damru: a home-helper at Suman's house and all Tiwari family treats him like a family member. He is secretly married to Malhotra's home helper, Jhumri. (2020–present)
  • Devansh Malviya as Veer: Suman's 7-year-old cousin. He is the brother of Kanchan and the son of Ramesh and Beena. (2020–present)

Other charactersEdit

  • Jay Thakkar as Bunty, Shravan's best friend who helps him with various problems. (2020–present)
  • Fahad Ali as Vikram Jaiswal, Suman's new lawyer and current boyfriend after the leap. He also becomes friends with Shravan. (2020–present)
  • Taruna Nirankari as Sophie Matthews, Vikram's ex-girlfriend, Shravan’s friend, and also loves him. She is a wedding planner. (2020–present)
  • Nishant Raghuvanshi as Anish Bhan, he belongs from a military family. He is Shravan's classmate and hates him for his undisciplined attitude. The hatred takes the form of hostility after he starts loving Suman. After a leap, he is now an army officer (2020)
  • Kashish Kanwar as Devika, Shravan's former girlfriend. Shravan breaks up with her for the sake of his love for Suman after which Devika joins hands with Anish and plots against Shravan. After a leap, she got married to an army officer. (2020)
  • Vipul Singh as Saheb, Shravan's civilian friend. (2020)
  • Rushil Jain as Captain Nishant Bassi, Shravan's NDA Batchmate and friend (2020–present)
  • Vinay Vidhani as Lieutenant Saurabh, Shravan's junior in NDA and friend. (2020–present)
  • Unknown as Colonel Gujral, Suman's senior officer, and hospital commandant. (2020–present)


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When discussing the creation of a new version of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste, producer Dilip Jha said, "The response that we had received for Ek Duje Ke Vaaste was extremely overwhelming. The audience reception made us bring back season 2 of [the show]. But, it's with a different cast and a completely new twist in the story. The entire show will be shot in Bhopal, for which we have received great support from Madhya Pradesh Tourism."[9][10]


Telly Updates described the show as "promising", giving it 3 out of 5 stars.[11]

Mid-day.com also praised the show and listed five reasons to watch it.[12]


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