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Eitri the Dwarf King is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Eitri is a Dwarf who lives on Asgard. He is a weapons forger and is notable for being the one who created Mjolnir for the Norse God Thor. He has also occasionally aided the New Mutants.

Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceThe Mighty Thor Annual #11 (November 1983)
Created byAlan Zelenetz
Bob Hall
In-story information
Team affiliationsAsgard
Supporting character ofThor
The New Mutants
Notable aliasesDwarf King
King Eitri
AbilitiesExpert weapons forger
Extended lifespan

Peter Dinklage portrayed the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

Publication historyEdit

The character, created by writer Alan Zelenetz and artist Bob Hall, first appeared in The Mighty Thor Annual #11 (November 1983). He continued to appear throughout the '80s in the pages of the New Mutants, starting with The New Mutants Special Edition from writer Chris Claremont and artist Arthur Adams.

Following a long absence, Eitri returned with additional details about the character in Thor Vol. 2 #80 from Michael Avon Oeming, Daniel Berman and Andrea Di Vito.

Fictional character biographyEdit

Eitri ruled as king of the Dwarves of Nidavellir. In his first appearance, he along with his brother Brokk were tasked with creating a spear for Odin. Due to young Loki's magic, the spear was cursed and Thor was asked to have the dwarves create a new weapon. Loki once again attempted to thwart the dwarves forging, but they manage to complete the creation of Mjolnir, along with the creation of Gullinbursti (a living boar) and Draupnir (a golden armband), which they give to Odin. Years later, Loki destroys Sif's golden hair and makes her bald. Thor threatens him to replace her hair and meets with Eitri and Brokk, who - due to Loki being unable to pay them - give him black hair, which Thor and Sif do not seem to mind.[1] The loss of Sif's blonde hair is also detailed in a four-part series focusing on Loki's history.[2]

These stories were slightly retconned with it being explained that Eitri's creation of Mjolnir caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Eitri and his siblings, Brokk and Buri, took it upon themselves to get rid of the mold that created it so that it did not fall into the hands of Loki.[3] Another version revealed that Mjolnir was created alongside Sif's new hair which Eitri was able to make gold. It was through Loki's own doing that Mjolnir ended up with Thor and Sif's hair became black.[4] The story of the forging was later returned to its original version.[5]

Odin later visits Eitri to help in forging something for him. In return, Eitri asks that Odin send a female warrior to defeat a rogue dwarf named Throgg. Sif defeats him, and Eitri happily tells her that since Throgg has been bested by a woman, he and the dwarves can now leave peacefully and proceed to begin forging the hammer Stormbreaker for Beta Ray Bill at Odin's request.[6] Eitri is later visited by Odin and Balder who wish to stop a fight between Thor and Eric Masterson. To do this, Eitri creates Thunderstrike, a mace that evidently becomes Masterson's code name.[7]

Eitri and his dwarves became supporting characters of the New Mutants. Due to Loki's magic, Storm and her team were transported and separated on Asgard. Cannonball encounters Eitri in a cave and rescues Eitri's family from Throff the Terrible, getting severely injured in the process. For this, Eitri takes the young man into his home and allows him to heal there, and Eitri's daughter Kindra strikes up a flirtatious relationship with Cannonball. Not long after, Eitri aids Cannonball in fending off Magma, who is possessed by the Dark Elves. After helping her, Loki arrives and threatens Eitri and his kingdom. In response, he uses his magic to help Cannonball and Magma find their friends.[8] Eitri then gives Cannonball enchanted armor and a sword as well as a special hammer to give to Loki to expose him.[9]

The New Mutants returned to Asgard due to magical influence upon one of their number. The dwarves initially mistook them for spies. However, Eitri freed the team and happily greeted Cannonball and his friends with open arms. They were soon attacked by the Valkyrior who was controlled by Hela. Eitri leads his Dwarves into battle after Boom Boom insults them.[10] Eitri is captured by Hela and forces him to forge a sword out of the Uru metal by threatening the life of his daughter Kindra.[11] He comforts her by acknowledging the New Mutants' plan of action as well as his own in which the sword has "sown the seeds of Hela's destruction".[12] Eitri frees himself, Kindra and many of Asgard's warriors from prison and then reveals that he built a flaw in the sword. He has Kindra flee and then strikes the sword, allowing Cannonball to see the flaw and destroy it himself. Eitri's efforts, along with those of many other Asgardians and the New Mutants, save Odin from death.[13]

Eitri was mentioned to have been killed when Ragnarok began.[14]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Eitri is an expert weaponsmith. He also has an extended lifespan.

Other versionsEdit

  • Eitri appears in an issue of What If? picking up on the events of The New Mutants: Special Edition #1 and X-Men Annual #9 (1985) where the issue asks "What If the X-Men Stayed in Asgard?" After several X-Men and New Mutants decide to stay in Asgard, Sam Guthrie marries Kindra, making him Eitri's son-in-law. Afterwards, when Hela makes her move against Asgard and the dwarves rally on the side of the Asgardians, Eitri is killed in battle and Sam succeeds him as king of the dwarves.[15]
  • In Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer, which amalgamates the stories of Iron Man and Thor, Eitri is a dwarf with traits similar to Ho Yinsen that wears a cursed neck shackle that makes him only create weapons for others and none for himself. He is also incapable of harming his captors the Dark Elves. Eitri eventually meets another fellow captive named Sigurd Stark and helps create a suit for him called the Iron Hammer. In an effort to help his ally escape, Eitri was killed by Krimson Kurse. Stark later buried him in the forest.[16]

In other mediaEdit


  • Eitri appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode "The Fall of Asgard", voiced by John DiMaggio. He leads his surviving dwarf army against Loki's forces. They encounter Iron Man who defeats Ulik for them. Afterwards, Eitri creates a new armor for him.[17] In the very next episode, Surtur breaks loose and Eitri is injured. He receives a scar over his right eye and informs Odin on what happened.[18] Eitri later creates Stormbreaker for Beta Ray Bill.[19]
  • Eitri appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Field Trip", voiced by Troy Baker. When Thor, Spider-Man, and his friends approached Eitri for weapons to use in their fight against Loki, Eitri was reluctant to help them as Odin has not once thanked him for crafting things for him. Though Thor was able to persuade Eitri to help them out. He gives Spider-Man and his friends new weapons to help Thor defeat Loki. Although Spider-Man himself is not given a weapon as Eitri advises him that "his words are his greatest weapon".[20]


Eitri appears in Avengers: Infinity War, portrayed by Peter Dinklage.[21] Atypically to his traditional diminutive form, this version of Eitri is depicted at a giant's size (although he still refers to his race as Dwarves). Thor comes to him on Nidavellir asking for a new weapon after Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Eitri explains that he was forced to create the Infinity Gauntlet for Thanos in exchange for sparing the Dwarves. Once they did so, Thanos went back on his word and proceeded to slaughter his entire race, leaving Eitri the only survivor. Thanos also took Eitri's hands so that the latter would be incapable of forging anything else even after Eitri replaced them with prosthetic hands. Thor, Groot, and Rocket all pitch in to help Eitri create the new weapon, an axe called Stormbreaker. When Eitri doesn't manage to find a handle for the axe, Groot gives up one of his arms for the purpose.


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