Eisbein (literally: "ice leg") is a German culinary dish of pickled ham hock, usually cured and slightly boiled. The word probably comes from high german via the Latin term ischia used in medicine and hunting for the hip joint. In Southern parts of Germany, the common preparation is known as Schweinshaxe, and it is usually roasted. The Polish dish golonka or golonko and Swedish dish fläsklägg med rotmos are very similar, alternatively grilled on a barbecue; another similar dish is the Swiss Wädli and the Austrian Stelze.

Pickled Eisbein, with Sauerkraut
Ham hock position

Eisbein is usually sold already cured and sometimes smoked, and then used in simple hearty dishes. Numerous regional variations exist, for example in Berlin it is served with pease pudding.[1] In Franconia, Eisbein is commonly served with mashed potatoes or sauerkraut, in Austria with horseradish and mustard instead.

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