Ehuang Yangtze River Bridge

The Ehuang Yangtze River Bridge (Chinese: 鄂黄长江大桥) crosses the Yangtze River in Hubei, China. The bridge carries traffic on China National Highway 106 between Echeng, Ezhou south of the river and Huangzhou, Huanggang to the north. Construction of the bridge started in 1999 and it was completed in 2002. The bridge is 3,245 m (10,646 ft)[1] long and has a main span of 480 m (1,570 ft) placing it among the longest cable-stayed bridges in the world.[2]

Ehuang Yangtze River Bridge

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Coordinates30°24′44″N 114°55′10″E / 30.412114°N 114.919395°E / 30.412114; 114.919395Coordinates: 30°24′44″N 114°55′10″E / 30.412114°N 114.919395°E / 30.412114; 114.919395
CarriesKokudou 106(China).svg China National Highway 106
CrossesYangtze River
LocaleEzhou · Huanggang, Hubei, China
Total length3,245 m (10,646 ft)
Longest span480 m (1,570 ft)
Construction start1999 (1999)
Opened2002 (2002)
Ehuang Yangtze River Bridge is located in Hubei
Ehuang Yangtze River Bridge
Ehuang Yangtze River Bridge
Location in Hubei

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