Egyptian Arts Group

Egyptian Arts Group is a production and distribution company operating business in the Middle East and North Africa and seeks to go worldwide.

ِEgyptian Arts Group
TypePrivate sector
Founded2009 (2009) ( as Joint venture established between Switch and Core production ) (11–12 Years)
FounderRemon Magar
Mohamed Mahmoud AbdelAziz
HeadquartersCairo, Egypt
Area served
Middle East, North Africa
ProductsMotion pictures
OwnerMohamed Mahmoud AbdelAziz
Remon Magar (Founders)


Egyptian Arts Group established with the participation of Core Production Company and Switch Production Company. Acquired expertise of the two companies, Egyptian Arts Group aims to produce different offering of TV and film market in terms of production quality, and the first production was Bab El Khalk TV series,[1] broadcast on more popular channels like CBC, Al Mehwar, Dream 2, Bab El Khalk[1] is considered Mahmoud Abdel Aziz[2] renturn after 8 years since his last successful TV Series “Mahmoud Al Masry”.[3]


  • Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, is representative of the company core of artistic production in Egyptian Arts Group and chairman of the board of directors of core artistic production. He is also a representative of the younger generation was represented by many film and television successful roles and began working as assistant director in some programs and works of art, and has considerable experience in the field of advertising and organizing concerts in Egypt.
  • Remon Magar is a representative of the company headquarters Switch of artistic production in Egyptian Arts Group, and managing director of Switch artistic production and managing director of the company 4P'S and propaganda Arab Organization for Industrialization.


Year Title status Description
2012 Bab El Khalk TV Series Broadcast Bab El Khalk is considered Mahmoud Abdelaziz comeback after 8 years since his last successful TV Series “Mahmoud Al Masry”. It is Egyptian Arts Group’s first project which enjoyed big success, being run for 3 times on all major Egyptian TV Channels including Cairo Centric, CBC, Al Haya TV, Dream TV, Mehwar and Orbit. It also earned many awards including Best TV Production 2013.
2013 Lessa Hanghany TV Show[4] Post-production A Night musical TV-Show were Egyptian folk-musicians are interviewed. It’s considered the only musical TV show to host and interview Egyptian folk-musicians.
2014 Shaware’ Al Mahdy TV Series[5] Pre-production A new TV series starring Mohamed Hamaki – it’s his debut and marks the start of his acting career. The project is part of Egyptian Arts Group efforts to make a new season for Egyptian TV Series beside Ramadan season.
2014 Al Ostaz Film Pre-production The next project Egyptian Arts Group is preparing for, Starring Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, remarkably it has been 4 years since Mahmoud Abdel Aziz’s last film – Ibrahim Labyad 2009. The company has been secretive about the film’s storyline and not much details has been officially released except that it will include many intense action sequences.

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