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Edward Hallowell (psychiatrist)

Edward M. "Ned" Hallowell is a child and adult psychiatrist who specialises in ADD and ADHD. He is the co-author of the books Driven to Distraction (1994) and Delivered From Distraction (2005).



Hallowell is an alumnus of both Harvard and Phillips Exeter Academy, and received his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School. Hallowell has authored books on various psychological topics, including problems with attention, focus, stress and worry.

Hallowell lives in the Boston area with his wife, Sue, a social worker, and their three children,[1] Lucy, Jack and Tucker.


  • Finding the Heart of the Child (1993)
  • Driven to Distraction (1994)
  • Answers to Distraction (1996)
  • Attention Deficit Disorder : A Different Perception (1997)
  • A Walk in the Rain With a Brain (2004)
  • When You Worry About The Child You Love (1997)
  • Worry (1998)
  • 12 Vital Ties That Open Your Heart, Lengthen Your Life, and Deepen Your Soul (1999)
  • The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness (2003)
  • Delivered from Distraction (2005)[2]
  • CrazyBusy (2006)[3]

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