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Service provisionEdit

Connections to other servicesEdit

This line connects into other services in several locations:

Scotrail service from 2004 to 2018Edit

The services on this line were run by First ScotRail until 2015, then by Abellio Scotrail. The vast majority of services were worked by Class 158 and Class 170 DMUs, with some services being provided by Class 156s.

Scotrail service from 2018Edit

Following completion of electrification of the line between Polmont Junction and Dunblane, Abellio Scotrail commenced electrified passenger services with the timetable change of 9 December 2018[1]. The service continued to make use of some diesel traction, with Class 365 units providing electric services until March 2019, after which all services were taken over by Class 385s. The timetable change also saw the Polmont and Linlithgow stops removed from the Monday-Saturday daytime stopping pattern, being replaced by the new Edinburgh-Glasgow service running via the Cumbernauld Line.


The route built in several stages:


The line was electrified as part of the rolling programme of electrification in Scotland's Central Belt in 2018.[2][3]


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