Edge Hills Provincial Park

Edge Hills Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, located west of the town of Clinton. The Edge Hills flank the wall of the Fraser Canyon north of Moran Canyon and form a small fore-range between the river and the higher Marble Range just east. Access to the Edge Hills is via the Jesmond Road, which cuts north off the Pavilion Mountain Road at Kelly Lake. A spur road from the Jesmond Road west to an overlook at atop the Edge Hills, known as Cougar Point.

Edge Hills Provincial Park is renowned for the spectacular sights of river canyons, forests, and grasslands. This diversity in landscape and vegetation is home to numerous wildlife species.[1]

Edge Hills Provincial Park is underdeveloped. The wildlife in the park flourishes in part because of this. Although the park offers hiking, horseback riding and wildlife viewing opportunities, most of the trails are unmarked and not maintained. Visitors have more facilities for camping in the nearby parks such as Big Bar Lake, Downing, and Green Lake Provincial Parks.[1]

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