Marble Range

The Marble Range is a small mountain range adjoining the Fraser River on the southwestern edge of the Interior Plateau of British Columbia. It has an area of 1,250 square kilometres and about 65 km NNW to SSE and about 20 km wide. Its southern flank is the north wall of Marble Canyon and the valley occupied by the ranching and First Nations community of Pavilion.

Marble Range
Marble Range British Columbia.jpg
Area1,727 km2 (667 sq mi)
South BC-NW USA-relief MarbleRange.png
Location map of the Marble Range
ProvinceBritish Columbia
Parent rangeFraser Plateau

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Coordinates: 51°07′00″N 121°49′00″W / 51.11667°N 121.81667°W / 51.11667; -121.81667