EcuRed is a Cuban online encyclopedia built on MediaWiki software.[3] Launched on 13 December 2010,[3] the site hosts over 206,000 reference articles, biographies and academic works.[4]

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Type of site
Online encyclopedia
Available inSpanish
Created byShared authorship[1]
RegistrationOptional (required to edit pages)
LaunchedAugust 2009 (Test phase)
14 December 2010 (Official launch)[2]
Current statusActive
Content license
Written inMediaWiki


EcuRed as a Cuban encyclopedia originated from the need to provide universal knowledge within the .cu Internet domain and make it accessible to the vast majority of Cubans, especially after in 2015 the Cuban government created 35 Wi Fi zones in the main cities of the country, and lowered the prices for the Nauta Service (provided by ETECSA, the public company for telecommunications).

The name is an acronym from the Spanish phrase Enciclopedia Cubana en la Red (literally "Cuban Encyclopedia on the Network").[5]

Anyone with an email can register on the encyclopedia regardless of country of origin, but unlike some wikis, not all of EcuRed's articles may be modified by the public. Pages can be "protected" for multiple reasons, including "to protect modifications of articles considered very valuable, with a high [degree of] consensus, or with an elevated repercussion".[6]

The site is available to all Internet users in Cuba, which was estimated in 2018 at being 6.5 million out of a total population of 11.2 million.[7]

The site is administered by Cuba's Youth Computer Club, a company of the Ministry of Communications of Cuba, but content is collaboratively created by registered editors of the site.


EcuRed states on its webpage that its goal "is the accumulation and development of knowledge with a non-profit, pro-democracy aim from a decolonizing point of view".[8] It is run by and for the people.

The content is entwined with the Cuban Revolution[9] and is written from a Cuban perspective.[10] For example, EcuRed's describes the United States as “the empire of our time” and “the most powerful nation of all time.”[11]

EcuRed PortátilEdit

On 14 December 2011, EcuRed Portátil (or EcuRed Portable) was launched for those who do not have Internet access.


On 4 April 2013, an Android app called EcuMóvil was released.


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