Ẹchịcha (also, Achịcha) is a dish native to the Igbo part of Nigeria consisting mainly of dried Cocoyam, mgbụmgbụ (Pigeon pea), and palm oil. It is traditionally eaten in the dry season when fresh vegetables are hard to come by.

Plastic bowl full of echicha.jpg
A bowl of ẹchịcha
Alternative namesAchịcha
Place of originNigeria
Region or stateIgboland
Main ingredientsDried Cocoyam, Mgbụmgbụ

Ẹchịcha is made by steaming the dried cocoyam and mgbụmgbụ until they are soft, then mixing the two thoroughly with a sauce made of palm oil, ụgba (seed of the oil bean tree),[1] onions, fresh pepper, and salt.[2]

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