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The East Turkestan Information Center (Uyghur: Sherqiy Türkistan Informatsiyon‎; abbreviated ETIC) is a group affiliated with the East Turkestan independence movement. It was founded in Munich, Germany in 1996, and has an office in Washington, D.C.[1]

East Turkestan Information Center
FounderAbdujelil Karakash
HeadquartersMunich, Germany
Region served
East Turkestan
Abdujelil Karakash
AffiliationsEast Turkestan independence movement

The ETIC publishes reports on human rights violations and abuses by the Chinese government towards China's ethnic Uyghur population.[2]

On December 15 2003, the ETIC was designated as a terrorist organization by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China,[3] which Oxford Analytica says could be an excuse for repression of the Uyghur population.[4]

The ETIC's head, Abdujelil Karakash was quoted by the UNHCR saying:[2]

We have no connection with terrorists. Actually, China itself is a terrorist. It occupied our territory, our soil, our riches. Every day, it sends about 30,000 Chinese to East Turkestan, and 100 percent of them stay there.

— Abdujelil Karakash


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