Eardwulf was king of Kent, reigning jointly with Æðelberht II.

King of Kent
PredecessorÆthelbert II
FatherEadberht I

Eardwulf is known from two charters, one of which is undated,[1] but identifies Eardwulf's father as Eadberht I (a patre meo Eadberhtuo); the other has a date that is incompatible with its witness list,[2] as it is dated 762, but witnessed by Archbishop Cuðbert, who died in 760; it was also witnessed by King Æðelberht II (Aethilberchtus rex Cantie).

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  2. ^ "A.D. 762 for c. 748 x 760. Eardwulf, king of Kent, to the church of St Andrew, Rochester; grant of pasture rights at Holanspic, at Petteridge in Brenchley, and at Lindridge, Kent. Latin".

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