Æthelbert II (Old English: Æðelberht; 725–762) was king of Kent. Upon the death of his father Wihtred,[1] the kingdom was ruled by his three sons, Æthelbert II, Eadberht I and Alric. Æthelbert seems to have outlived both of his brothers and later reigned jointly with his nephew Eardwulf. He died in 762, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (recorded under 760 due to chronological dislocation). He seems to have left a son, Eadberht II.

He issued a charter before his accession,[2] dated 11 July 724, that was witnessed by his father. As king he issued further charters,[3][4][5] confirmed a charter of his brother Eadberht I,[6] and witnessed a charter of his nephew Eardwulf.[7]

During the latter half of Æthelberht II's rule, Kent was under the overlordship of Mercia, but Æthelberht II maintained his position as king.

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Preceded by King of Kent
with Eadberht I (725–748)
Eardwulf (747–762)
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