Duke Wu of Lu

Duke Wu of Lu was a ruler of the State of Lu during the Western Zhou Dynasty. His ancestral name was Ji, and given name Ao. He succeeded his brother, Duke Shen of Lu, as the ninth ruler of Lu.

Duke Wu of Lu
Ruler of Lu
Reign825–816 BC
PredecessorDuke Shen of Lu
SuccessorDuke Yi of Lu
Died816 BC
IssueCrown Prince Kuo (太子括)
Duke Yi of Lu
Duke Xiao of Lu
Ancestral name: Ji (姬)
Given name: Ao (敖)
HouseHouse of Ji
FatherDuke Xian of Lu

In spring of the ninth year of his reign, he paid a visit to King Xuan of Zhou with his heir apparent Kuo and younger son, Xi. King Xuan appreciated Xi greatly, and despite the objections of his councillor Zhongshan Fu, he decided to intervene and appoint Xi as the heir apparent over his elder brother. In summer, the three returned to Lu, and Duke Wu died shortly after.