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The horsetail waterfall is 175 metres (574 ft) in height and is formed by the MACHHKUND river.


The name Machkund derived from a pilgrimage point called 'Matsya Kunda'near the township of Paderu in Andhra Pradesh.

Hydroelectric ProjectEdit

Machhakund(Duduma) Hydroelectric Project is located near Duduma Falls between the Andhra Pradesh and Orissa Border.[4] It is a collaborative project of Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of Odisha. The project, consisting of 6 units, has an installed capacity of 120 MW.


Machkund is a place of pilgrimage. A township called 'Onukudelli' has grown around this place. The aboriginal tribe of 'Bondas' live near the waterfall. It has two sub-waterfalls one on the Odisha side and the other on the Andhra Pradesh side. The waterfalls are one of the best tourist spots in Southern India.[citation needed]

Duduma is about 92 km from Koraput and about 177 km from Visakhapatnam. It forms a part of the boundary between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

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