Drepana rufofasciata

Drepana rufofasciata is a moth in the family Drepanidae. It was described by George Hampson in 1893.[1] It is found in Sikkim in India and Tibet in China.[2]

Drepana rufofasciata
Scientific classification
D. rufofasciata
Binomial name
Drepana rufofasciata
Hampson, [1893]

The wingspan is 43 mm. The forewings are pale brown, with a broad median rufous band occupying half of the wing and bearing two white spots on the costa, from which indistinct pale waved lines proceed to the inner margin. There is a grey-centered dark spot at the lower angle of the cell. There is a submarginal series of black specks. The hindwings are pale brown, with traces of two antemedial pale lines, a black speck at the end of the cell and three postmedial waved lines.[3]


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