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Dreamworld Corroboree is a collection of wildlife attractions at the Dreamworld amusement park on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.[1] The area is divided into several subsections which allow guests to view the animals in their natural habitats. Dreamworld Corroboree is a registered zoo with 800 native and barnyard animals located within the Dreamworld grounds.[2]

Dreamworld Corroboree
Dreamworld Koalas.jpg
Koalas at Dreamworld's Koala Country.
ThemeAustralian wildlife
Other rides1
Coordinates27°51′41.98″S 153°19′6.36″E / 27.8616611°S 153.3184333°E / -27.8616611; 153.3184333Coordinates: 27°51′41.98″S 153°19′6.36″E / 27.8616611°S 153.3184333°E / -27.8616611; 153.3184333
Opened2001 (2001)
ReplacedKoala Country
Australian Wildlife Experience



Koala Country was Dreamworld's original wildlife exhibit, opening in 1987. After major redevelopment, the Australian Wildlife Experience opened in 2001, featuring Koala Country as one of five wildlife zones. During the redevelopment, access to Koala Country was limited. The new development required the reworking of the Dreamworld Railway tracks causing the train to drive a portion of the circuit backwards during construction. The redevelopment cost A$5 million.[3][4]

On 9 July 2012 at Dreamworld, the Australian Minister for Tourism Martin Ferguson announced that the Australian Government would contribute $1.1 million to the redevelopment of the Australian Wildlife Experience into an Indigenous tourist experience.[5] Dreamworld's owners, Ardent Leisure, vowed to match the grant in order to have the $2.2 million redeveloped area open by late 2013.[6] Dreamworld has previously worked with the Indigenous community to develop the Dreamworld Dreamtime show in 2010 and 2011.[7] Dreamworld Corroboree officially opened to the public on 12 December 2013.[8]

Avis Vintage CarsEdit

Avis Vintage Cars

Avis Vintage Cars is a fixed track car ride with scaled-down Ford Model T cars fixed onto a concrete track with a single guide rail. The ride was relocated from its original location due to the placement of Mick Doohan's Motocoaster ride in 2007.[9] The ride opened in 1981 with the park in the Rivertown area of the park. The fourteen replicas cars each seat four people and were purchased for A$12,000 each.[3]


Located in the Dreamworld Woolshed, the Australian Sheep Shearing Show is an interactive show held several times a day set against an outback station and providing visitors with a taste of life on an Australian farm. It showcases the abilities of farm dogs and shearing of a sheep. Guests get to try some damper and billy tea at the conclusion of the show.[10]

Dreamworld Corroboree also features presentations based on the Aboriginal culture, including demonstrations of traditional music, making fire, and cultural weapons.[11]

The Australian Animal Presentation was a show which displayed a selection of animals from the critically endangered bilby to crocodiles, snakes, cockatoos and koalas. Guests had the opportunity to get up close and take photographs with the wildlife.[12] The show ran from 2009 to 2013.

Wildlife exhibitsEdit

An emu at the Outback Adventure section of Dreamworld Corroboree.

Bilby HouseEdit

The Bilby House is an exhibit where guests can get up close with the critically endangered bilby marsupial animal. The exhibit is specifically designed for bilbies as it is a semi-nocturnal house.[13]

Daintree RainforestEdit

Daintree Rainforest is an exhibit of animals which live in tropical climates. Animals include cassowaries, red-legged pademelons, tree frogs, green tree pythons and a scrub python.[14]

Kakadu WetlandsEdit

Kakadu Wetlands is an exhibit of reptiles which features two crocodile pools for both Fresh and Saltwater crocodiles. A crocodile feeding show is held daily. Kakadu Wetlands is also home to a collection of turtles, magpie geese, water hens and brolgas.[15]

Koala CountryEdit

Dreamworld Corroboree has the first blue-eyed koala known to be born in captivity in the world.[16]

Koala Country is an exhibit focusing on Dreamworld's collection of 58 koalas, including the first blue-eyed koala known to be born in captivity. The "Cuddle a Koala" feature allows guests to have a photo professionally taken holding one of the park's koalas. This section also features kangaroos which guests can feed and pet.[17][18] When opening in 1987, Koala Country was home to just 14 koalas.[19]

Outback AdventureEdit

Outback Adventure is an exhibit for Australian animals native to outback habitat. The area includes dingos, red kangaroos, emus, southern hairy-nosed wombats, snakes, pythons, geckos, monitors, shingle-backs and other arid lizards.[13]

Shopping and diningEdit

Guests can purchase merchandise at Bunya Trading Gift Shop (formerly Croc Creek Traders) and buy food and beverage items at the adjacent Kai-Kai Café (formerly Kakadu Cafe). Cuddle a Koala photos can be purchased from the photo store in Koala Country.[8][4][18]


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